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#Making $50 /day online through visions

#Making $50 /day online through visions  

Quick Recap of Introduction : is an online marketplace through which you can sell any skill of yours or offer your services for $5. The main concept behind this website is to sell your services at Fiverr and people who’re interested in purchasing your services or using your skills will hire you and pay you $5 per gig (services offered by freelancers are known as gigs).
The best part about this website is that it is completely free and easy to join. You don’t have to pay for any of the website’s services if you haven’t earned anything. Once you start earning, Fiverr cuts a $1 payment for its services through which it ensures a heavy flow of traffic. Therefore, once the service charges are cut you’ll be paid around $4 for every gig through the payment method you choose. Fiverr also offers opportunity for the usage of several additional tools to freelancers so that they can beautify their gigs as much as they want in order to attract maximum buyers.
How to make money through
Making money through Fiverr does not require a lot of hassle. Signing up is completely free (you can sign up by using your Facebook account as well) and that’s the first step towards selling your gigs at this online platform.

  • Creating your gig
Creating a gig requires several steps.
First and foremost, you need to identify your skills and the services you plan on providing. You can sell gigs such as graphics, travel, writing, designing, crafts, music, fun and bizarre, advertising, etc. The main thing that you need to remember is that your gig should benefit the buyer; it shouldn’t just exist for the sole purpose of existing.
Tip: Having samples of work that you’re planning on providing helps a lot. This way, clients could see what you’re capable of providing which would, in turn, increase your hiring chances.
  • Once you sign in, you’ll be taken to the homepage.
  • Click <Start Selling>
Click on <Create A gig>
  • Enter the information required in order to create your gig.
  • Click once you’re done.
  • Voila. You’re now done with the first step.
  • If you want to upload a video, then upload it here. If you don’t, then click 
  • • Next are the shipping charges. If you’re planning on selling something that requires shipping charges, then you can charge a little extra so that it covers the shipping charges. Click on the box if you do require shipping charges, or click No Thanks
  • And you’re done!
  • Promoting your Gig
Once you’ve published your gig, there are several things you should do to promote it.
  • Share it with your friends and family. Word of mouth is still a powerful way of marketing, so use it well. Also, since it’s only a matter of $5, your family and friends can help you by giving you credibility.
  • Share it on your Facebook, Twitter, and other social media pages. If you have a blog or a website, share it there as well. Also, forums have a lot of potential buyers too, so make sure you post it there as well.
  • Having Your Gig Ordered and Interacting with Buyers

Once you’ve promoted your gig, and you receive buyers:
  • Communicate with them clearly.
  • Try to complete the orders on time, or even before time. However, if you feel that there might be some delay, then let your buyer know in advance.
  • Try to provide you buyers with a little more than what they bought. For instance, if it’s a blog writing job and you agreed to provide 400 words, then write 500 words.
  • Ask them to leave you a feedback as soon as possible. Feedbacks are a vital part of working on Fiverr. Positive feedback helps you land more clients and upgrade your levels, while negative feedback can pretty much ruin your reputation.
Best ways to market your Fiverr Gig
  • Adding a video to your gig will help you stand out amongst a sea of gigs. Almost 80% gigs do not have videos, so by adding a video you’ll be among the 20% that are different. Since standing out is the best way you can get your gig acknowledged by potential buyers, make sure you add a video that relates to your gig.
  • Optimizing tags is one of smartest ways of promoting your gig on Fiverr. Find out which keywords are used most in your targeted niche, and use those as tags. Also, you can take help from Google Keyword Tool in order to find out which words are used by buyers most when they’re searching for services related to what you’re offering.
  • Offer to write guest posts in exchange for your gig’s free marketing.
  • Participating in contests that some companies have is a great way of promoting your gig for free. These companies basically need free Fiverr entries for their contest, so by sending in your gig you can attract a lot of potential buyers.
  • Participate in the Fiverr Forum in order to increase your presence in the Fiverr community. You can’t directly link to your gigs as that would be spamming the forum, but just help others and answer queries.
Making serious money on Fiverr
The best way of making some serious amount of cash on Fiverr is by working hard till you get to level 1. And then working even hard till you’re upgraded to a higher level.
So what exactly are Fiverr levels?
There are 3 Fiverr levels.
  • 1st Level seller
If you manage to create 10 orders then you can successfully use the first level tools that Fiverr provides. Along with the order, you also need excellent ratings.
  • 2nd Level Seller
If you manage to gain at the very least 50 orders along with positive track ratings, then you’re upgraded to 2nd level. When you get upgraded to 2nd level, you can use additional tool features to better your money making endeavors.
  • 3rd level Seller
This is highest level of Fiverr. Once you get upgraded to the 3rd level, you’re considered as the “Fiverr Rockstarr”. However, you can only get upgraded to this level if the Fiverr moderators personally choose you. The evaluation of your ratings and performance is the basis for their choosing.
The best part about getting upgraded is that you get to avail a huge plethora of additional tools that are not available to other sellers, and also VIP support. This helps you earn a lot more. Furthermore, if you provide your orders within 24 hours, then you’re offered the ‘Express’ status, which brings more customers towards your gigs. 
Fiverr is an amazing platform if you want to make some additional income. It’s easy to use, and has a very heavy stream of traffic, so the chances that your gig will get chosen are plenty. The main thing is to describe and advertise your gig in such a way that it captivates buyers and encourages them to buy your gig. So keep experimenting, and I’m sure you’ll see success soon enough.
If you face any difficulty, I highly recommend that you go through this entire section properly:


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