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#Hugh Difference between Blog and Website/ Blog vs website/Fact visions

#Hugh Difference between Blog and Website/ Blog vs website/Fact visions

Blog vs website

Difference Between Blog And websites

Webpage vs Website

In The Search Engine ,If we write any word or speak via Mic .Various Search Results will be seen in form of Blog or Websites.We usually think Blog and website are identical to each other.Few Owners of Websites doesn't Know the actual difference between Website and Blog.

But,actually both are Web pages but have different from each other .Different perceptions and opinions are lying in Blog and Websites.

This article will help you to understand the major and minor difference between Blog and Website.

Major Difference Between A Blog and Website

  • The Content of Website is Fixed on Particular Niche (TOPIC) while Dynamic on a blog.
  • Website Disclose information about Product and services while blog doesn't reveal at all.
  • A website is more Conceptor than informative but Blog is Informational and Educational
  • There is no discussion on the Website with visitors .But on Blogs any one comment and can make relation with blog owner.
  • Websites looks like a Professional or Formal ,but Blog is more like a daily journal or not Formal at all.
  • Every Businesess  have their own professional websites but very few people own heir blogs.

If Confusion is still resists between Blog and Websites?
READ ON.......

A Websites is a combination of various article based on particular Niche.A Website is created by using HTML/CSS OR PDP,JAVA like Script to make Website attractive by beautiful Customization.

A visitors wants to get some purchase of some particular product like-Mobile phone.

So,he visit any Website of Mobile phone of various companies and get some knowledge to take decision to purchase what type,features,etc.

For example-samsung,cardekho

 A Blog And websites

While,Blogs generally contains various articles related to Identical Niche chosen .It rather may bee like-Latest News Article,Mysterious News article or if any type.

If persons wants different perceptions regarding Particular topic .So,they should visit on any Blog  for that.
For example:fact visions,blog


Both Websites and blogs are concluded on some special words.Both Blog and Website serve same urpose in different ways.A good Blog is that whose content is updated with latest content regarding product is Uploaded

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