Sunday, March 31, 2019

Which is Better Blogger or Wordpress for Beginners-Fact visions

Which is Better Blogger or Wordpress for Beginners-Fact visions

Blogger vs Wordpress

Both Wordpress and Blogger are good platform for starting Blogging.

For Beginners I prefer to continue to Blogger because it helds with Google

Google have control on Blogger.If you write article on Blog it's become chance for you to get Google Adsense approval at 95% Guranteed as compare to other Platform.

Following Difference between Blogger and Wordpress

  1. Chances of getting approval is higher on Blogger platform while less chance to get approval in Wordpress2
  2. Limitations on getting option to changing Blogger templates while Unlimited number to change Wordpress Templates.3
  3. For Begginers its best For Blogging on Blogger while For Experts its helpful for Blogging In Wordpress4
  4. In Blogger ,you can edit Templates and in Wordpress ,you have full control on theme Customization .
  5. 5.In Blogger ,you will  have lack of Plugins you can pick simple Gadgets and in Wordpress,thousands of Plugins by which you can customize and add any features that you wish .
  6. Blogger provides entry free of cost while Wordpress gets some amount paid on monthly basis on getting entry on it

So,Which One you are using ,Comment Below


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