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#how does affiliate marketing working ??-Fact visions

#How does affiliate marketing working ??-Fact visionsHow affiliate marketing works

The above diagram will help you understand affiliate marketing even better. Let’s take a closer look at every step:
  • 1. Affiliate (i.e. You) signs up for the merchant’s (or advertiser’s) affiliate program.
In the later chapters you will be introduced to a few recommended affiliate programs which you can join. When you will join an affiliate program, for every product there  you’ll get your unique affiliate link. You’ll have your own login details to login inside the affiliate program where you will be able to track and see your performance.
  • 2. Affiliate uses an affiliate link whenever they mention the merchant on their website.
You can promote affiliate links not only through your website, but also through your blog, through YouTube videos, through Facebook and other social networks, through email and other methods. (We are going to cover everything in this course.)
  • 3. Jack for example (a normal online surfer) visits an Affiliate’s website
When you’ll start marketing your website (or promote your affiliate link in other ways), you’ll keep getting visitors.
  • 4. Jack clicks on your affiliate link to visit merchant’s website
When you’ll start getting visitors with whatever online marketing you’re doing, many of those visitors (not all of them), will click on your affiliate link to reach the merchant’s website.
  • 5. A cookie gets dropped to Jack’s computer
When visitors click on the affiliate link, a cookie gets dropped in their web browser. This cookie will help the advertiser to identify that Jack came through your affiliate link.
Note: This is the technology of the affiliate program you have joined. You don’t have to do anything here, but it is important to know the basics of how the visitors are tracked online.
  • 6. Jack completes the desired action on the merchant’s website
The desired action could be filling a form, buying something, entering his email or whatever the advertiser wanted him to do. Once the visitor completes the desired action, we say that the visitor has ‘converted’ and a ‘conversion’ has taken place.
  • 7. After completing the desired action, merchant checks for the affiliate cookie on Jack’s computer.
  • 8. Merchant finds a cookie belonging to you and logs a credit for the commission according to the affiliate agreement.
  • 9. Merchant makes reports available that show the affiliate all the visitors and sales (or conversions) from the affiliate link.
You can check these reports on the affiliate program after logging in. Everything is well organized there.
  • 10. At the end of every payment period, affiliate program sends the payment to the affiliate for all the conversions (or sales) in that period.
Usually a payment period is one month.

This is how affiliate marketing actually works.
I hope you found today's chapter interesting!
Feel free to read it multiple times to get a better understanding. Even if a few things aren’t clear right now, that is absolutely fine. The most important thing is to continue to read through the chapters, and soon you will see all the above steps implemented through practical examples and everything will become clear.


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