Wednesday, March 20, 2019

#8 Steps to Add Social media links on your Facebook profile-Fact visions

#8 Steps to Add Social media links on your Facebook profile-Fact visions 

In nowadays Facebook plays an critical role in Social media platform for sharing latest news,facts or circulate in whole of the internet world . Facebook gets creative day by day by enhancing there new features and techniques for reaching huge amount of Audience to get them aware of changes in world.


1.Open Facebook  Individual Profile.(HOME): First of all  Log in you Facebook account and open your profile at Home page and point out the button of parallel icon exactly on right side of home page.

2.Click on the Parallel icon Exactly on the Right Side of Profile:Then clicked on it,After clicking you see some steps when you scroll down it .

Facebook profile

3.Scroll down last and click on the Setting and Privacy Option:After Clicking on icon you should click on Setting and Privacy option to point out forward steps.

Facebook setting

4.Clicked On the privacy Setting:Touches the Privacy setting option to forward your steps towards social media links.

Individual Home Profile

5.Point on the Manage your profile:After that's you should Click on the Manage your Profile.After clicking new page open name with About you should scroll down and down.

Facebook home

6.Scroll down  and Click in Contact Info>EDIT>ADD Social Links Or Websites:In Mid of the column you Get name-Contact Info -Clicked on it-Edit option and scroll down and click On Social links and add you account like-Instagram,Linkedln,Snapchat,Youtube,Twitter,etc or you should also add websites,blogs by writing  your URL of website then click on save button.

Facebook individual setting

7.After Setting Click on Save on Profile and Refresh it:After Saving you should come back to your Profile and Refresh 2-3 times to get  changes  on your profile.


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