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#10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Do About The safety of Their Child-Fact visions

#10 Biggest Mistakes Parents Do About The safety of Their Child-Fact visions

10.Leaving your child alone in the Bath Tub:


Most parents are present while giving their little babies a bath.However,when they sometimes step out for just 'five minutes',to fetch a towel or answer a phone call that is when disasters more likely happen.A child will lose consciousness within two minutes underwater,and irreversible brain damage occurs after four minutes.

9.Serving Unsafe foods:

Food accounts for the majority of  child choking injuries and the most common culprits are small,round,hard,or candy like foods that easily block the airways of child's mouth.These includes peanuts,dry,fruits,grapes,jelly and hard toffees,carrots,popcorns,pomegranate,etc.

8.Using Soft Bedding:

baby sleeping

For children younger than a year,suffocation is the main cause of unintentional injury-related death.About 60% of these cases occur in baby's sleeping environment. An infant  can block his face into soft,fluffy pillows,quilts and stuffed animals that easily cover his nose and mouth.

7.Drinking Coffee/tea while holding the baby :


You are dying for a cup of tea,but reluctant to put down the baby in case she/he wakes up. If you decide to do both things together,you could be setting yourself up for an accident.Burns from hot liquids are the most common type of burns for young children,whose thinner skins burns more easily than an adult's.Even tea/coffee that is not too hot to drink can really burn a child.

6.Using a Baby walker:

Baby walker

We all love to see our babies in those cute little walkers.But we rarely notice that those adorable walkers have wheels attached which  give the child the ability to slide away at a speed of 4 feet per second in any direction and hit a wall, a piece of furniture,touch an electronic socket,or worst case,slip down the stairs in duplex homes.

5.Allowing kids to Ride in front seat:

Allowing kids to ride in the front seat of the car is inviting danger. The backseat is the safest place for children because it's farthest away from the impact of a front-end-collision-the most common kind of car accident.

4.Leaving the child alone in a locked car:

Children left alone in locked in cars is a common sight outside shopping malls,railway stations or near markets is providing them in problem.

3.Leaving the child along at home and locking the door from outside:

Home is a far more dangerous place than car.Parents often think that the child would not get into any trouble if they step out of the house for just 10-15 minutes,may be to buy grocery or bring back their other child from the school.

2.Not paying attention to general baby-proofing of home.

bathing baby

You are buying thousands of gifts for the unborn child,preparing yourself for the responsibility and reading books on how to be good parents who protect their child from all hardship.To ensure that your child is absolutely infant friendly ,you must do the 'baby proofing' of the house ,which simply means  getting rid of anything in the house that harm a baby .

1.Letting the child ride bicycle without safety gears.

girl riding

Child has grown up unharmed and is now ready to take on the world outside. one sport that every child actively indulges in is riding a bicycle.When you leave your child on the road with a bicycle as flimsy as a bicycle, you are exposing your kid to a lot of danger. 


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