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#Freelancer-Freelancing Websites-Find Freelancers-Freelance Work online-Top Freelancing Sites-Best Freelancing Websites-Fact visions

#Freelancer-Freelancing Websites-Find Freelancers-Freelance-Work online-Top Freelancing Sites-Best Freelancing Websites-Fact visions

#Freelancing benefits

Freelance websites

Many of you eagerly wanted to earn money from home.At your comfort we brought 100% original websites which provides opportunities for Show your Skills for earnings.

There are various Freelancing Websites that you can join for making money and if you complete their work on time they provide you a good and prestigious salary on daily basis.

Contribution your Effort is most appropriate for your success.

Little Efforts can benefits you guys more in long Run.

Show your skills and make your profile Attractive which inititates clients to make contract with you.


Freelancing Websites,Find Freelancers,Find Freelancers work online


This Website is Perfect for everyone who wants to get earn some amount daily .It comprises from a hiring tips blog,Location Based search and company directory.They Hired individuals for consideration purposes -Suppose Something give and Something Take Approach.


Work Hire is specially Designed for those who can wants wide range of work including-DATA ENTRY,GRAPHIC DESIGNER,CONTENT WRITING,TEMPLATE FORMATION,PROGRAMMING,ETC.


This Website provide you good opportunities regarding your skills and they facilitates your skills to put in that required field to get effective results.

up work logo4. UP WORK

Up Work formerly known as O DESK have over 1.56 million clients.Up work have something which provides for Freelancer's to accomodate both short term and long term projects,Expert and Entry level engagements and Hourly and work/hour.


Several people considering Craigslist as just a platform for Buying and Selling things but it's actually a Big platform of Freelance Jobs.

6. Fiverr

Fiverr is Huge platform for beginners to join and starting their first business on internet .Fiverr offers big number of Job tasks with considering some value at starting $5/task. Here Gigs/Task means-Topics.It also offers to your business to scatter their skills and proficiency.


Elance is on  of the most best Freelancer website as it removes several Bugs that comes with Freelancing profession.Without hurdles,Sign up is free and easy and Payment option is Good and secure that always ensure that you're get paid for your work.


Demand Media is most Prestigious Freelancer website which offers you to share your skills  and knowledge as simplest ways and gets to promote your Profile at higher level.


It's a great Platform for Freelancer to get Web projects .This Website is absolutely free and they check's that you are Web Developers,Web Designers,or SEO Specialists.


Having Different collections of several jobs projects at Project 4 Hire which anyone can Identify a job that suits his skills with knowledge.This website has 1000 of Projects categories,Categories for Designers,Coders,Consultants,etc

So,there you have it. If you have more ideas regarding others Freelancer's Websites Don't Forget  to Comment ???

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SEO News-SEO Blogs-SEO optimization-SEO Analysis-SEO tips_Fact visions

SEO News-SEO Blogs-SEO Optimization-SEO Analysis-SEO tips_Fact visions


SEO News

Write Post on Blogger with an intention to Earn money but unfortunately it's not happen soo because Article is not Ranked on Google search engine to get required readers.

Getting Reader's on Article is still difficult but not impossible .Continuously afforts can provide success in field of Blogging.

To Earn fame and get Unlimited lots of Traffic on Article it is important to get Ranked on Google Search engines.

SEO Analysis

So,I came out with Following SEO Tips which helps you to Rank your Article on Search Engines:


If you are Sharing Your Article it's Content is king.Copying content from other's Blog can ruin your Blog from Search Engines.

Try to Write Unique Article with face of Originality into them which  helps your Article to Rank.

Don't Be Use Plagrism (copying) content from another Blog because it makes your blog fake in eyes of Google.

6. Use Plugins On Templates:

If you are using Wordpress you have lots of option to change and customize your Plugins which attracts your reader's to take interest to read your Article.

Use Follower's and Share Buttons on your Templates which helps you to increase traffic and if Reader's like your Posts and they share too ....

5. Interlinking your own Blog Post's:

Use Interlinking Button in your own Blog Posts with another Blog's Posts which helps you to increase you visitors.

It could be done through Using Labels-Using Short Keywords Related to posts.

4. Share your Blog Links on other Platform:

Share your Blog Articles on other platforms like- Social media-Facebook,Tumbler,Pinterest, Linkedln, Instagram,Twitter,etc and if possible start making videos related to your Blog Post's and post it on Youtube.

3. Use Catchy Titles:

If your Title is Catchy then it helps you to Chance to be Ranked on Google Search Engines.

Before writing any Blog article you should Analyse the Keyword Competation  which one you are use for Title. Always choose the low competation catchy title  and use it for more times within Article.

2.Predict What's other People often Search:

If you Predict actually what others people often search you should get high number of traffic .Works on it's take time but benefits you more in future.

1. Use Reliable Keywords terms in Post's:

If you get Relevant Keywords for your Blog posts then it increases the chances to be Ranked on Google Search engines.

SEO optimization

So,there you have it, if you have more ideas related to SEO  Tips comment Below Fast?????????


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Which is Better Blogger or Wordpress for Beginners-Fact visions

Which is Better Blogger or Wordpress for Beginners-Fact visions

Blogger vs Wordpress

Both Wordpress and Blogger are good platform for starting Blogging.

For Beginners I prefer to continue to Blogger because it helds with Google

Google have control on Blogger.If you write article on Blog it's become chance for you to get Google Adsense approval at 95% Guranteed as compare to other Platform.

Following Difference between Blogger and Wordpress

  1. Chances of getting approval is higher on Blogger platform while less chance to get approval in Wordpress2
  2. Limitations on getting option to changing Blogger templates while Unlimited number to change Wordpress Templates.3
  3. For Begginers its best For Blogging on Blogger while For Experts its helpful for Blogging In Wordpress4
  4. In Blogger ,you can edit Templates and in Wordpress ,you have full control on theme Customization .
  5. 5.In Blogger ,you will  have lack of Plugins you can pick simple Gadgets and in Wordpress,thousands of Plugins by which you can customize and add any features that you wish .
  6. Blogger provides entry free of cost while Wordpress gets some amount paid on monthly basis on getting entry on it

So,Which One you are using ,Comment Below

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#10 Tips To Become Expert in Blogging-Fact visions

#10 Tips To Become Expert in Blogging-Fact visions


If Individual starts blogging  it's become challanging for him to get reader's.Making blogging and write article is easy but keeps consistence is still typical.

Blog article helps individuals in long run if he gives time to try to modify the content.

If one should gets frustrated by writing 20-25 article and still not get sufficient visitors.

Visitors are not born but it's all depend upon article  content and its accuracy to catch readers at huge level.

Keep trying to write genuine content and it's accuracy to catch readers at huge level.

There are huge number of Blogger's who gotten success in blogging through being consistency.

So,Here  I bring Useful tips from Blogging Experts  to become successful in Blogging Carrier:


10.Understand Audience Needs

Before writing any Article keeps analysing the needs of audience which is Trending nowadays.Latest trends article helps you to get high number of visitors.

9.Share your Experience:

Share you genuine knowledge to visitors while helps you to build Loyalty among Audience.

8.Gives Time:

Gives Article time to be ranked by Search Engines because competation is too much high in nowadays.Try to collect unique content.

7.Tried to keep paragraph short:

Always tried to keep paragraph short and tried to explain content in some possible sentence and always kept in mind that if person trying to keep paragraph short and lets something missing which affects your article content.

6.Be Consistence on Blogging:

Always be Regular to update existing article and write new ones.

5.Believe in Yourself:

In Blogging to become successful always believe in yourself .Honesty on Content gets something fruitful in Future.

Good Luck

4.Always Write Catchy Headlines:

Write Catchy Headlines And Images which attracts Audience in one sight.

3.Provide FREE Learning Online Materials:
Always try to teach something new to Reader's which helps you in Long Run.

2.Take Care your Existing Follower's/Visitors

Always loves your Existing Followers and their needs.Write something intresting and attractive which forces them to read.

1.Concentrate On Quality over Quantity:

Always Focus on Quality of Article over Quantity.Qualitative Article helps the reader's to understand the Summary of Article in one way .Quality article gets ranked by Google Search Engines.

So,there you have it .If you have  something more ways to get successful in Blogging carrier
Comment Below Fast?????

Thursday, March 28, 2019

#How to promote your blog on Social Media-Fact visions

#How to promote your blog on Social Media-Fact visions

social media icons

 Social media is most preferable platform for promoting your Blog or Website.

If you write Genuine  and original Content with given best afforts but can't get sufficient visitors for Website or Blog.

Don't Be so Frustrated ,I will teach you most Efficient way to promote your Article on social media.

If you write attractive article you should must aware of Content Marketing. For Blogging Content marketing plays an crucial role in promoting of your article at high level.

So,if you  can't get much reader's for your blog post or article or it may not reached on Social platform,it makes waste to write an Article.or it may not reached on social media platforms,it makes waste to write article .Efficient and effective Content leads your Blog post's to promoted Forward.

Following steps helps you to promote your blog.

1. Useful and Organic Content 

In this step it is not way to promote your blog in social media but it may be most important step for content marketing .You should focus to write only Original article which is Hardly available on internet .So ,you should make your Article Compelling and attractive as compare to others which enough to let your audience to share it on Social Media.

2. Add widget of Social Media icons

By Adding the social media  share icons in your Blog,which can minimize gap between millions of reader's and your content. However ,you make sure that not to make crowd of social media icons in your blog which leads reader's perceptions off and affect your article content.

3. Make Morality with others Bloggers

If you want that your Blog should be Promoted you should do one thing which makes your article available for Ranking and  visible in Search engine .Build relations with famous bloggers and do s share their Blog posts and Send E-mail to them for Requesting for Writing Article on their Blog. Afterwards,as Guest blog write Original contented Article follow by your blog links which facilitates
other blogger leader's to visit your Blog  and if they like they do share also.

4. Don't Forget to Share your Old Blog posts????

Some Blogger do share their new foremost Article on Social Media for increasing visitors but they forget to see back on their old Blog post's.If you regularly share your Old post's it may become initiatives for you to add more visitors for blog posts and add more attractive content.

So,there you have it.If you have more ways to promote blog Article on Social media .Please do comment if you really have.

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#Hugh Difference between Blog and Website/ Blog vs website/Fact visions

#Hugh Difference between Blog and Website/ Blog vs website/Fact visions

Blog vs website

Difference Between Blog And websites

Webpage vs Website

In The Search Engine ,If we write any word or speak via Mic .Various Search Results will be seen in form of Blog or Websites.We usually think Blog and website are identical to each other.Few Owners of Websites doesn't Know the actual difference between Website and Blog.

But,actually both are Web pages but have different from each other .Different perceptions and opinions are lying in Blog and Websites.

This article will help you to understand the major and minor difference between Blog and Website.

Major Difference Between A Blog and Website

  • The Content of Website is Fixed on Particular Niche (TOPIC) while Dynamic on a blog.
  • Website Disclose information about Product and services while blog doesn't reveal at all.
  • A website is more Conceptor than informative but Blog is Informational and Educational
  • There is no discussion on the Website with visitors .But on Blogs any one comment and can make relation with blog owner.
  • Websites looks like a Professional or Formal ,but Blog is more like a daily journal or not Formal at all.
  • Every Businesess  have their own professional websites but very few people own heir blogs.

If Confusion is still resists between Blog and Websites?
READ ON.......

A Websites is a combination of various article based on particular Niche.A Website is created by using HTML/CSS OR PDP,JAVA like Script to make Website attractive by beautiful Customization.

A visitors wants to get some purchase of some particular product like-Mobile phone.

So,he visit any Website of Mobile phone of various companies and get some knowledge to take decision to purchase what type,features,etc.

For example-samsung,cardekho

 A Blog And websites

While,Blogs generally contains various articles related to Identical Niche chosen .It rather may bee like-Latest News Article,Mysterious News article or if any type.

If persons wants different perceptions regarding Particular topic .So,they should visit on any Blog  for that.
For example:fact visions,blog


Both Websites and blogs are concluded on some special words.Both Blog and Website serve same urpose in different ways.A good Blog is that whose content is updated with latest content regarding product is Uploaded

If you like don't forget to comment and share on social media...

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#8 Steps to Add Social media links on your Facebook profile-Fact visions

#8 Steps to Add Social media links on your Facebook profile-Fact visions 

In nowadays Facebook plays an critical role in Social media platform for sharing latest news,facts or circulate in whole of the internet world . Facebook gets creative day by day by enhancing there new features and techniques for reaching huge amount of Audience to get them aware of changes in world.


1.Open Facebook  Individual Profile.(HOME): First of all  Log in you Facebook account and open your profile at Home page and point out the button of parallel icon exactly on right side of home page.

2.Click on the Parallel icon Exactly on the Right Side of Profile:Then clicked on it,After clicking you see some steps when you scroll down it .

Facebook profile

3.Scroll down last and click on the Setting and Privacy Option:After Clicking on icon you should click on Setting and Privacy option to point out forward steps.

Facebook setting

4.Clicked On the privacy Setting:Touches the Privacy setting option to forward your steps towards social media links.

Individual Home Profile

5.Point on the Manage your profile:After that's you should Click on the Manage your Profile.After clicking new page open name with About you should scroll down and down.

Facebook home

6.Scroll down  and Click in Contact Info>EDIT>ADD Social Links Or Websites:In Mid of the column you Get name-Contact Info -Clicked on it-Edit option and scroll down and click On Social links and add you account like-Instagram,Linkedln,Snapchat,Youtube,Twitter,etc or you should also add websites,blogs by writing  your URL of website then click on save button.

Facebook individual setting

7.After Setting Click on Save on Profile and Refresh it:After Saving you should come back to your Profile and Refresh 2-3 times to get  changes  on your profile.

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